Click this link to join my weekly Wednesday LIVE vinyasa flow classes via We Are Wellness FB:

For at least the next two Mondays join me live at 6pm via the Left Bank Leeds FB page. There you'll find a link to donate if you can.

The following classes are all on hold due to the COVID-19 situation. 

Left Bank Leeds Monday 18.00-19.00 for Vinyasa Flow

We Are Wellness Wednesday 18.45-19.45 for Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Hero Thursday 18.00-19.00 for Vinyasa Flow 

Yoga Hero Thursday 19.15-20.15 for Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Hero Friday 12.15-13.00 for Yoga Essentials

Keep an eye on my social media for upcoming workshops and retreats.

Contact me for 'hen party yoga' or 'yoga in the workplace'

Yoga at home - if you live in Leeds then I can come to you for private or group sessions