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Yoga is a philosophy and a practice which allows us to unite the body, mind and spirit. Through a physical discipline we can experience the joy of peace and inner stillness. No matter what your background, body shape or level of fitness yoga can help you find a state of harmony as well as improve your physical condition. It’s like a life training and with each improvement you make you also gain a sense of empowerment and calmness which transfer into every aspect of your life.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice

  • An instant feel-good factor

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • A sense of calm and enhanced patience in the face of confrontation

  • A better self-image and self-esteem

  • Postural improvements

  • Improved balance

  • Increased mobility and flexibility

  • A healthy body weight and efficient digestion as part of a healthy lifestyle

  • Increased oxygenation to the brain and overall lung capacity

  • Increased musculoskeletal strength

  • Symptom relief and prevention for a number of chronic conditions including heart disease, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic back and neck pain, joint pain and many others 

"Vinyasa" means "linking" which in this context means that the poses are linked together in a flowing sequence, the movement is linked with the breath and the mind, body, and spirit are linked as a whole. It is a creative and intelligent flow style with an emphasis on alignment and safety. Descriptive cueing and hands-on assists are skilfully interwoven into the practice to allow students to correct their own alignment, understand the mechanics of each pose and safely deepen their practice. The atmosphere created in classes is focussed, meditative and joyful. Vinyasa Flow is perfectly suited to all levels of practice so no matter where you start it is always possible to make your body feel and move better.

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