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Hello and welcome! My name is Anna, I’m a certified Yoga teacher and a physiotherapist, currently residing in Leeds.


Like many others before me I discovered yoga in a gym but unlike any other gym class this stretched far beyond a physical workout; it was a magical discovery of yumminess! I left my first class in a delicious bubble of contentment, contemplating what yoga really was and how it had made me feel that way after just 90 minutes! Since then I have travelled the world, sometimes for yoga and other times to immerse myself in the wilderness. Yoga and nature in harmony have awoken me and as cheesy as it might sound I am a different person now; my soul is happier and I have the yoga path and beautiful Mother Earth to thank for that.

In India I spent a lot of time practising yoga with Hatha and Ashtanga masters. In an ashram in Rishikesh, the home of yoga, a town running along the great River Ganga, I lived and breathed yoga and meditation. Living a simple life of purity and tranquillity I sampled as many styles of yoga as I could sometimes dedicating my whole day to practise. With that breadth of experience it soon became apparent that I enjoyed most the creative flows and playfulness of Vinyasa Yoga.

Becoming a Vinyasa Yoga teacher felt like a natural progression for me and now I am honoured to be sharing my passion and the beauty of yoga with so many others. I trained with Frog Lotus Yoga International at Suryalila with Vidya Heisel and Alicia Waters and since then I have been offering well-structured, dynamic and playful Vinyasa Flow classes which I believe have the best balance of Indian traditions with the Western world’s demands; namely ‘the exercise part’!

Yoga is a continuous practice and so I will always be a student of it, often participating in further study and training. I have the international renowned Ashtanga teacher, Joey Miles in Leeds and so I am always further developing as a teacher and student with him. I offer much-loved workshops, courses and week long retreats in rural Spain often following nature inspired themes that I am passionate about.

As a physiotherapist I also have an interest in the therapeutic benefits of yoga and my background places me in a fantastic position to guide those with disabilities and injuries through their practice. I have been a practising physiotherapist since 2007 and even before that I was a fitness instructor, exercise to music teacher and a swimming instructor. Helping people learn about their bodies, discover its capabilities and breakthrough barriers has been and always will be my passion.

I’m kind, super-supportive and friendly so come and join me on the mat and leave feeling rejuvenated, physically fitter, calmer, happier and in love with yoga!

Namaste xx

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